New Hampshire Capital is a Financial services and  Asset management company with business operations in the Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Power Sector, Financial Technology, and Renewable Energy Sectors. Our unique offering leverages strategic advisory and partnerships  with key stakeholders in these sectors to develop sustainable financing, and asset management models.

Power Sector

We are a Meter Asset Provider approved by NERC with over 130, ooo smart meters, rolled out and installed under the Meter Asset Provider(MAP) and National Mass Metering Programme(NMMP). Our involvement also cuts across Investment in Captive Power Generation and expansion of distribution network  under franchising arrangements with the Distribution Companies.

Oil & Gas Sevices

Our Oil and Gas Sector services spans the development of Inland storage terminals, for domestic LPG and natural gas markets, the development of infrastructure for the transportation of petroleum products and haulage of petroleum products

Financial Technologies 

Financial technology( FinTech) services spans investment in the development of digital financial solutions, for the enhancement of services in Power Sector and other industries

Renewable Energy

We participate in the Renewable Energy Sector by offering project financing advisory and investment, for the development of Mini grids and Solar Home Systems in unserved and underserved communities

Limitless possibility to do it your way

We provide strategic financial advisory, project development and investment to a wide range of stakeholders in the Nigerian Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and Power sector. We  invest in the development of smart meters and other utility devices to promote efficiency of operations in the Power sector; mini-grid and solar home projects in unserved and underserved communities; Oil and Gas infrastructure.

Tested and Trusted

We ensure that your asset is safe by complying with the highest global security standards.

We are Simple & Reliable

Enjoy a smooth and stress-free metering experience in all your homes.


Our prices are competitive and fair. There are no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you.

Our Mass Metering Project is still Ongoing!

The MAP scheme will see Nigeria close the existing metering gap by 2022 bringing and end to estimated billing and improving the collection efficiency across the sector.

What we have accomplished

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